4th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences

June 5-8, 2015
Mykonos, Greece

  • Elias Vagenas, Kuwait University, Kuwait
  • Dimitrios Vlachos, University of Peloponnese, Greece
  • Eric Suraud, Universite Paul Sabatier, France
  • Andrey Solov'Yov, MBN Research Center, Germany
  • Irene Paola De Padova, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche-Istituto di Struttura della Materia, Italy
  • Guy Le Lay, Aix-Marseille University, France
  • Kalman Varga, Vanderbilt, United States
List of papers:
  1. Forecasting systemic transitions in high dimensional stochastic complex systems
    Piovani D., Grujic J., Jensen H.J.
  2. Investigating ionisation cluster size distribution due to sub- 1 keV electrons in view of Heisenbergís uncertainty principle
    Li B., Palmans H., Hao L., Nisbet A.
  3. Modelling irradiation by EM waves of multifunctionalized iron oxide nanoparticles and subsequent drug release
    Wang F., Calvayrac F., Montembault V., Fontaine L.
  4. Radio Resource Allocation on Complex 4G Wireless Cellular Networks
    Psannis K.
  5. MUSIC-type imaging of small perfectly conducting cracks with unknown frequency
    Park W-K.
  6. A necessary condition for applying the MUSIC algorithm in limited-view inverse scattering problems
    Park T., Park W.K.
  7. Study of deformed quasi-periodic Fibonacci two dimensional photonic crystals
    Ben Abdelaziz K., Bouazzi Y., Kanzari M.
  8. Simulations of a epidemic model with parameters variation analysis for the dengue fever
    Prates D., Jardim C., Ferreira L., Silva J., Kritz M.
  9. Virtual Laboratories in Physics with Autogenerated Parameters
    Maksimov M.
  10. Computational Models of an Inductive Power Transfer System for Electric Vehicle Battery Charge
    Anele A., Hamam Y., Chassagne L., Linares J., Alayli Y., Djouani K.
  11. Computation of the Mutual Inductance between Air-Cored Coils of Wireless Power Transformer
    Anele A., Hamam Y., Chassagne L., Linares J., Alayli Y., Djouani K.
  12. Evaluation of the Magnetic Fields and Mutual Inductance between Circular Coils Arbitrarily Positioned in Space
    Anele A., Hamam Y., Chassagne L., Linares J., Alayli Y., Djouani K.
  13. From infinitesimal symmetries to deformed symmetries of Lax-type equations
    Magnot J.
  14. A new approach for modelling lattice energy in finite crystal domains
    Bilotsky Y., Gasik M.
  15. The singularity of the anharmonic oscillator
    Pchelkina Y.
  16. Modeling of the size effect on the hysteresis characteristics of core/shell (Co/Au) nanoparticles
    Shmykova M., Afremov L.
  17. Modeling study of magnetic phase transition in amorphous ultrathin films
    Afremov L., Petrov A.
  18. Simulation of deformations in magnetic media by the movable cellular automata method
    Usachev V.V., Andriushchenko P.D., Afremov L.L.
  19. Canonical quantisation via conditional symmetries of the (closed) FLRW model coupled to a scalar field
    Zampeli A.
  20. Wave function of the Universe, preferred reference frame effects and metric signature transition
    Ghaffarnejad H.
  21. TensorPack: a Maple-based software package for the manipulation of algebraic expressions of tensors in general relativity.
    Huf P., Carminati J.
  22. Numerical Analysis of Thirring Model under White Noise
    Aydogmus F., Tosyali E.
  23. Nonergodicity in Binary Alloys.
    Son L., Sidorov V., Popel P., Shulgin D.
  24. Stability of de Sitter solution in mimetic f(R) gravity
    Myrzakulov N.
  25. Mie-type potential from a multiparameter exponential model: Bound state solutions in D-dimensions
    PeÒA J., MenÈNdez ¡., GarcÌA-Ravelo J., Morales J.
  26. Simple description of shear dynamics of glasses with crystalline local order
    Son L.
  27. Euclidean Complex Relativistic Mechanics: A New Special Relativity Theory
    Vossos S., Vossos E.
  28. A novel method for determining the mean-field directly from the single particle matter density
    Shlomo S., Anders M., Talmi I.
  29. Post-quantum attacks on key distribution schemes utilising weakly stochastic sources
    Wilmott C.
  30. The Geometrical Meaning of Time in the Presence of Matter
    Yahalom A.
  31. On the integrability of evolving membranes
    Sotomayor A., Restuccia A., CortÈS Vega L.
  32. The filamentation of a laser beam as a "labyrinth" instability
    Spineanu F., Vlad M.
  33. Gravitational mass and Newtonís universal gravitational law under relativistic conditions
    Vayenas C., Fokas A., Grigoriou D.
  34. Neutrinos in an Expanding Universe
    Wigmans R.
  35. Testing General Relativity on Cosmological scales
    Pouri A.
  36. New exact quasi-classical asymptotic beyond WKB approximation and beyond Maslov formal expansion
    Foukzon J., Men’kova E., Potapov A., Podosenov S.
  37. Effect of beta- -charged eradiation and its calculation in the nuclear electrodynamics theory
    Tertychny-Dauri V.
  38. Coexistence of pure and mixed states in nonlinear maps
    Roth Y.
  39. Pattern formation in non-eqilibrium spinor polariton condensates
    Pinsker F.
  40. Contact symmetries of constrained systems and the associated integrals of motion
    Dimakis N.
  41. Canonical equations of Hamilton for the nonlinear Schrodinger equation
    Liang G., Guo Q.
  42. Band parameters of phosphorene
    Lew Yan Voon L.C., Wang J., Zhang Y., Willatzen M.
  43. Electromagnetic Coherent Effects in Metamaterials with Randomly Rough Surfaces
    Berginc G.
  44. Simulation of adhesion contact on the interface of polymer metal
    Maksimov A., Proutorov E., Maksimova O.
  45. A Frontier orbital energy approach to redox potentials
    Conradie J.
  46. A Finsler Geometry Modeling of the Liquid Crystal Elastomer
    Koibuchi H., Shobukhov A.
  47. Numerical analysis of the effect of the kind of activating agent and the impregnation ratio on the parameters of the microporous structure of the active carbons
    Kwiatkowski M.
  48. Application of the clustering-based LBET class adsorption models to the analysis of the microporous structure of silica membranes
    Kwiatkowski M.
  49. Simulation of conductivity of polymer films on metal surface
    Maksimova O., Maksimov A.
  50. Compactly supported kernels based method of approximate particular solutions for solving elliptic problems
    Uddin M.
  51. A DFT and structural investigation of the conformations of Fischer carbene complexes
    Landman M.
  52. Knowledge-Based Framework: its specification and new related discussions
    Rodrigues D., Zaniolo R., Castelo Branco K.
  53. Using Botnets to provide security for safety critical embedded systems - a case study focused on UAVs
    Muzzi F., Cardoso P., Pigatto D., Castelo Branco K.
  54. Low frequency wave modes of liquid-filled flexible tubes
    Chou Y., Peng T.
  55. Development of a Galactic Magnetic Field Model and its application in identifying sources of Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Rays in Northern Sky.
    Davoudifar P., Rowshan Tabari K.
  56. SEVIRI Cloud mask by Cumulative Discriminant Analysis
    Blasi M., Serio C., Masiello G., Venafra S., Liuzzi G.
  57. A multi-mode cantilever singular point detection using adaptive hypothesis testing
    Dokoupil J.
  58. Numerical methods for solution of the stochastic differential equations equivalent to the non-stationary Parker's transport equation
    Wawrzynczak A., Modzelewska R., Kluczek M.
  59. Hyper fast radiative transfer for the physical retrieval of surface parameters from SEVIRI observations
    Liuzzi G., Masiello G., Serio C., Blasi M., Venafra S.
  60. A mathematical model for the secondary drying of a freeze-drying process
    Font F., Lee W.
  61. Model of transient cooperative phenomena triggered by THz-pulse irradiation
    Ishida K., Nasu K.
  62. Turbulence modeling using test modes
    Vlad M., Spineanu F..
  63. Controlled Interaction of a Four-Level Quantum Emitter with a Plasmonic Nanostructure
    Paspalakis E., Kallos E., Yannopapas V.
  64. Influence of anisotropy on percolation and jamming of linear k-mers on square lattice with defects
    Tarasevich Y., Laptev V., Burmistrov A., Shinyaeva T.
  65. Scaling laws of turbulence intermittency in the atmospheric boundary layer: the role of stability
    Paradisi P., Cesari R., Allegrini P.
  66. Clustering of the points lying on monotonous curves as a partition into antichains.
    Lerner E., Voloskov D.
  67. Modeling of intense charged particle bunch dynamics in external magnetic fields
    Barminova H., Saratovskyh M.
  68. Computational chemistry insights on the REDOX Behaviour of Cr and W Fischer carbenes
    Van Rooyen P.
  69. Effect of Drying Temperature on the Chemical Properties and Diffusivity of belimbi (averrhoa belimbi)
    Shahari N., Jamil N., Rasmani KA., Nursabrina
  70. Computational neuroanatomy: mapping cell-type densities in the mouse brain, simulations from the Allen Brain Atlas
    Grange P.
  71. Theoretical study of a 0.22THz quasi-optical gyrotron
    Yuan X.
  72. Calculating Hurst exponent and fractal dimension of neutron monitor data in a single parallel algorithm
    Kussainov A., Kussainov S.
  73. Pseudo Magic Squares
    La Guardia G.G., Baccon A.L.P.
  74. Ultrashort Pulse Interaction with Intersubband Transitions of Semiconductor Quantum Wells
    Katsantonis I., Stathatos E., Paspalakis E.
  75. A Mathematical Model for the Exhaust Gas Temperature Profile of a Diesel Engine
    Brito C., Maia C., Sodré J.
  76. New implementation of the first-order perturbation theory for calculation of interatomic vibrational amplitudes and corrections in gas electron diffraction
    Vishnevskiy Y.V., Zhabanov Y.A.
  77. Classification method for heterogeneity in monoclonal cell population
    Aburatani S., Tashiro K., Kuhara S.
  78. Simulation of frequency dependence of dielectric susceptibility for description of director reorientation dynamics of nematic LC
    Vakulin D.
  79. Design of a decision support system, trained on GPU, for assisting melanoma diagnosis in dermatoscopy images
    Glotsos D., Kostopoulos S., Lalissidou S., Sidiropoulos K., Asvestas P., Konstandinou C., Xenogiannopoulos G., Nikolatou E., Perakis K., Bouras T., Cavouras D.
  80. Mathematical Model for Absolute Magnetic Measuring Systems in Industrial Applications
    Fügenschuh A., Fügenschuh M., Ludszuweit M., Mojsic A., Sokół J.
  81. Validating Knowledge-Based Framework through Mission-Oriented Sensors Array and Smart Sensor Protocol
    Rodrigues D., Pires R., Branco K.
  82. A random field approach to the Lagrangian modeling of turbulent transport in vegetated canopies
    Cesari R., Paradisi P.
  83. Comparison of serial and parallel simulations of a corridor fire using FDS
    Valasek L.
  84. A parallel approach of COFFEE objective function to multiple sequence alignment
    Zafalon G., Visotaky J., Amorim A., Valêncio C. , Neves L., De Souza R., Machado J.
  85. Large deviation estimates for a non-markovian Levy generator of big order
    LÈAndre R.
  86. Analysis of the chaotic maps generating different statistical distributions
    Lawnik M.
  87. Parameters analysis of a porous medium model for treatment with hyperthermia using OpenMP
    Reis R., Loureiro F., Lobosco M.
  88. Oxygen induced effects on avascular tumour growth: a preliminary simulation using an adaptive grid algorithm
    Amoddeo A.
  89. Stochastic effects in a discrete RT model with critical behaviour
    Rodriguez-Perez D., Sotolongo-Grau O., Desco M.M., Antoranz J.C.
  90. Thermal stress analysis for laser cutting corner with a fluctuant cutting speed in steel plate
    Xu H., Hu J., Shen H., Du Z.
  91. Graph model of intradisciplinary connections in example of general physics course
    Gnitetskaya T.
  92. Effects of molecular complexity and reservoir conditions on the discharge coefficient of adapted gas-dynamic nozzles
    Guardone A.
  93. Optimum Filter Selection for Dual Energy X-ray Applications through Analytical Modeling
    Koukou V., Martini N., Michail C., Sotiropoulou P., Kalyvas N., Kandarakis I., Nikiforidis G., Fountos G.
  94. Modeling of the Calcium/Phosphorus Mass ratio for Breast Imaging
    Martini N., Koukou V., Michail C., Sotiropoulou P., Kalyvas N., Kandarakis I., Nikiforidis G., Fountos G.
  95. A theoretical investigation of spectra utilization for a CMOS based indirect detector for dual energy applications
    Kalyvas N., Martini N., Koukou V., Michail C., Sotiropoulou P., Valais I., Kandarakis I., Fountos G.
  96. Medical Imaging Image Quality Assessment with Monte Carlo Methods
    Michail C., Karpetas G., Fountos G., Kalyvas N., Martini N., Koukou V., Valais I., Kandarakis I.
  97. New analytical approach for transition to slow 3-D turbulence
    Foukzon J., Menkova E., Potapov A.
  98. The effect of thermal losses on traveling waves for in-situ combustion in porous medium
    Chapiro G., Marchesin D.
  99. A viscoelastic model to simulate soft tissue materials
    Espinoza Ortiz J., Lagos R.
  100. Magnetization reversal modes in fourfold Co nano-wire systems
    Blachowicz T., Ehrmann A.
  101. Reliability of statistic evaluation of microscopic pictures taken from knitted fabrics
    Ehrmann A., Blachowicz T., Zghidi H.
  102. An accurate solution of elastodynamic problems by numerical local Green's functions
    Loureiro F., Silva J., Mansur W.
  103. Aggregate driver model to enable predictable behaviour
    Chowdhury A., Chakravarty T., Banerjee T., Balamuralidhar P.
  104. Modifier mass transfer kinetic effect in the performance of solvent gradient simulated moving bed (SG-SMB) process
    Câmara L.D.T.
  105. Short-range correlations in modified planar rotator model
    Zukovic M., Hristopulos D.
  106. Higher order Peregrine breathers solutions to the NLS equation.
    Gaillard P.
  107. Improvement of rotated comb decimation filter magnitude characteristic using sharpening technique
    Jovanovic Dolecek G.
  108. Magnetization of layered superconductors with ferromagnetic nanorods
    Kashurnikov V., Maksimova A., Rudnev I.
  109. Band structure and density of states in FeAs-based superconductors
    Kashurnikov V., Krasavin A.
  110. Active Flow Control on Laminar flow over a Backward facing step
    Mushyam A., Bergada J.
  111. On the exit probability of the extended Sznajd model and the Kirkwood approximation
    Timpanaro A., Galam S.
  112. Using UAVs and digital image processing to quantify areas of soil and vegetation
    Chaves A., La Scalea R., Colturato A., Kawabata C., Furtado E., Castelo Branco K.
  113. Analysis of Stomata Distribution Patterns for Quantification of the Foliar Plasticity of Tradescantia Zebrina
    Florindo J., Landini G., Almeida Filho H., Bruno O.
  114. Movement of a vortex filament near oscillating pinning centers in the hard superconductor
    Apushkinskaya D., Apushkinskiy E., Astrov M.
  115. Analysis of paramagnetic centers for threevalent iron in aluminosilicates
    Apushkinskaya D., Apushkinskiy E., Popov B., Romanov V., Saveliev V., Sobolewski V.
  116. Development of a Support Vector Machine – Based Image Analysis System for Focal Liver Lesions Classification in Magnetic Resonance Images
    Gatos I., Tsantis S., Karamesini M., Skouroliakou A., Kagadis G.
  117. Wave modelling for the German Bight coastal-ocean predicting system
    Staneva J., Behrens A., Wahle K.
  118. The Approximate Bayesian Computation methods in the localization of the atmospheric contamination source
    Kopka P., Wawrzynczak A., Borysiewicz M.
  119. Fractal fragmentation and small-angle scattering
    Anitas E.
  120. Early breast cancer detection method based on a simulation study of single-channel passive microwave radiometry imaging
    Kostopoulos S., Savva A., Asvestas P., Nikolopoulos C., Capsalis C., Cavouras D.
  121. The Emergence of Periodic Behaviours from Randomness
    Pickton J.
  122. MaNIAC-UAV - a methodology for automatic pavement defects detection using images obtained by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    Castelo Branco L., Segantine P.
  123. Use of Genetic Algorithm for the Selection of EEG Features
    Asvestas P., Korda A., Kostopoulos S., Karanasiou I., Ouzounoglou A., Sidiropoulos K., Ventouras E., Matsopoulos G.
  124. A model for anomaly classification in intrusion detection systems.
    Ferreira V., Galhardi V., Gonçalves L., Silva R., Cansian A.
  125. AVALON: definition and modeling of a vertical takeoff and landing UAV
    Silva N., Marconato E., Castelo Branco K.
  126. Estimation of bone Calcium-to-Phosphorous mass ratio using dual-energy nonlinear polynomial functions
    Sotiropoulou P., Koukou V., Martini N., Michail C., Kounadi E., Kandarakis I., Nikiforidis G., Fountos G.
  127. Basic model for traffic interweave
    Huang D.
  128. Numerical solution of viscous and viscoelastic fluids flow through the branching channel by finite volume scheme
    Keslerova R., Trdlicka D.
  129. A Green-Naghdi approach for thermo-electroelasticity
    Montanaro A.
  130. Human-Computer Interfaces Applied to Numerical Solution of the Plateau Problem
    Fabris A.E., Soares Bandeira I., Ramos Batista V.
  131. Algorithmic improvements to an exact region-filling technique
    Fabris A.E., Ramos Batista V.
  132. A software tool based on the Surface Evolver for precise location of tumours as a preoperative procedure to partial mastectomy
    Fabris A.E., Nascimento M.Z., Ramos Batista V.
  133. Effects of Magnetic Field and Hall Current to the Blood Velocity and LDL Transfer
    Abdullah I., Naser N., Mahali S.
  134. Modelling of poro-visco-elastic biological systems.
    Bilotsky Y., Gasik M.
  135. A functional technique based on the Euclidean algorithm with applications to 2-D acoustic diffractal diffusers
    Cortes-Vega L.
  136. CFD Modeling of LNG Spill: Humidity Effect on Vapor Dispersion
    Giannissi S.G., Venetsanos A.G., Markatos N.
  137. Modelling of the Influence of Vegetative Barrier on Concentration of PM10 from Highway
    Reznicek H., Benes L.
  138. A Fast Greedy Sparse Method of Current Sources Reconstruction for Ventricular Torsion Detection
    Bing L., Jiang S., Chen M., Zhao C., Grönemeyer D., Hailer B., Van Leeuwen P.
  139. Size Effects in Elastic Thin Plates
    Zhang R.J.
  140. Hierarchical Bayesian approach for estimating physical properties in spiral galaxies: Age Maps for M74
    Sanchez Gil M.C., Berihuete A., Alfaro E.J., Perez E., Sarro L.M.
  141. Soltionic solutions generated by quantum groups
    Zuevsky A.
  142. Graphical imaging system for shifted spectrum in daughter nuclei of charged-current ν-nucleus reactions
    Sinatkas J., Kosmas T.S., Tsakstara V.
  143. First-principles study of migration mechanisms and diffusion of carbon in GaN
    Kyrtsos A., Matsubara M., Bellotti E.
  144. Relaxed elastic lines of second kind in semi-dual spaces
    Sekerci A.G., Çoken A.C.
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