5th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences

May 23-26, 2016
Athens, Greece

Proceedings contents

  1. The choice of reaction path during ternary diffusion process
    Wierzba B.
  2. Euclidean Closed Linear Transformations of Complex Spacetime and generally of Complex Spaces of dimension four endowed with the Same or Different Metric
    Vossos S.. , Vossos E.
  3. Towards Noncommutative Topological Quantum Field Theory: New invariants for 3-manifolds
    Zois I.
  4. Dilatonic Brans-Dicke Anisotropic Collapsing Fluid Sphere And de Broglie Quantum Wave Motion
    Ghaffarnejad H.
  5. Least number of incident directions for topological derivative imaging: a numerical study
    Park W.K.
  6. Anand constitutive model of lead-free solder joints in 3D IC device
    Zhang L. , Liu Z.Q. , Ji Y.T.
  7. Monte Carlo entropic sampling applied to Ising-like model for 2D and 3D systems.
    Jureschi C. , Linares J. , Dahoo P.R. , Alayli Y.
  8. Simulations of Edge Effect in 1D Spin Crossover Compounds by Atom-Phonon Coupling Model
    Linares J. , Chiruta D. , Jureschi C. , Alayli Y. , Turcu C. , Dahoo P.R.
  9. Logistic systems with linear feedback
    Son L. , Shulgin D. , Ogluzdina O.
  10. Formalization of an Environmental Model Using Formal Concept Analysis - FCA
    Bourdon GarcÍa R. , Burgos Salcedo J.
  11. Understanding large-scale dynamics of the atmosphere with moist-convective rotating shallow water models
    Rostami M. , Zeitlin V.
  12. A model for seed dispersion and vegetation growth
    Da Silva J. , Kritz M.
  13. Simulation of magnetic coatings on textile fibers
    Blachowicz T. , Ehrmann A.
  14. Stability of magnetic nano-structures with respect to shape modifications
    Blachowicz T. , Ehrmann A.
  15. Modeling of the optical properties of a two-dimensional system of small conductive particles.
    Kondikov A. , Chaldyshev V. , Tonkaev P.
  16. Research of resonant light reflection by a periodic system of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum wells
    Tonkaev P. , Kondikov A. , Chaldyshev V.
  17. Relation Between the Cell Volume and the Cell Cycle Dynamics in Mammalian
    Magno A.. , De Oliveira I. , De Sá Hauck J.V.
  18. A Langevin Approach to a classical Brownian Oscillator in an Electromagnetic Field
    Espinoza-Ortiz J. , Bauke F.C.. , Lagos R.E.
  19. Generalizing spin and pseudospin symmetries for relativistic spin 1/2 fermions
    Alberto P. , Malheiro M. , Frederico T. , Castro A.
  20. The Critical Point of a Sigmoidal Curve
    Bilge A. , Ozdemir Y.
  21. Mesoscopic Simulations of Crosslinked Polymer Networks
    Megariotis G. , Vogiatzis G.G.. , Schneider L. , Müller M. , Theodorou D.N.
  22. N-vicinity method for three dimensional Ising Model
    Kryzhanovsky B. , Litinskii L.
  23. Dispersive models describing mosquitoes' population dynamics
    Yamashita W. , Takahashi L. , Chapiro G.
  24. Multi-point quasi-rational approximants for the modified Bessel function I_1(x)
    Martin P. , Olivares-Funes J. , Cortes-Vega L. , Sotomayor A.
  25. Quantum Metrology: Towards an alternative definition for the meter
    Zois I.
  26. Monte Carlo - Metropolis Investigations of Shape and Matrix Effects in 2D and 3D Spin-Crossover Nanoparticles.
    Guerroudj S. , Caballero R. , De Zela F. , Jureschi C. , Linares J. , Boukheddaden K.
  27. Atomistic and Coarse-grained Simulations of Hexabenzocoronene Crystals
    Ziogos O.G. , Megariotis G. , Theodorou D.N.
  28. Statistical classification techniques in high energy physics
    Bour P. , Kus V. , Franc J.
  29. Modeling a Kolmogorov-Type Magnetic Field in the Galaxy and its Effect on an Extragalactic Isotropic Flux of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays
    Davoudifar P. , Rowshan Tabari K.
  30. Modeling of Wind Effects on the Stratified Flow in the Bosphorus
    Bilge A. , Kirkil G. , Burak Z.S. , Incegul M.
  31. Breakdown of the Equivalence between Active Gravitational Mass and Energy for a Quantum Body.
    Lebed A.
  32. Momentum distribution of occupation numbers in FeAs-based superconductors
    Kashurnikov V. , Krasavin A. , Zhumagulov Y.
  33. Analysis of evolution of the Solar magnetograms using spectral gaps of critical nets
    Knyazeva I. , Makarenko I. , Vdovina A. , Makarenko N. , Urtiev F.
  34. Molecular modeling and simulation of atactic polystyrene/amorphous silica nanocomposites
    Mathioudakis I. , Vogiatzis G.G.. , Tzoumanekas C. , Theodorou D.N.
  35. Development and simulation of microfluidic Wheatstone bridge for accuracy measurement and precision systems
    Shipulya N. , Konakov S. , Krzhizhanovskaya V.
  36. Simulating Relaxation Channels of CO2 in Clathrate Nanocages
    Dahoo P.R. , Puig R. , Lakhlifi A. , Meis C. , Gale J.D.
  37. Monte Carlo Method Applied to the ABV Model of an Interconnect Alloy
    Dahoo P.R. , Linares J. , Chiruta D. , Chong C. , Pougnet P. , Meis C. , El Hami A.
  38. Langevin model for a Brownian system with directed motion
    Híjar H. , Ambía F.
  39. Effect of anisotropy on the current-voltage characteristics of layered high-temperature superconductors with internal ferromagnetic defects
    Kahsurnikov V. , Maksimova A. , Rudnev I. , Odintsov D.
  40. The analysis of the influence of the intellectual capital on the results of the commercial activity of financial institutions
    Shkolik O. , Chirkova L. , Chirkova P.
  41. Convex and concave successions of power-law decays in small-angle scattering
    Anitas E.
  42. Neutron monitor generated data distributions in quantum variational Monte Carlo
    Kussainov A. , Pya N.
  43. Dynamical analysis of stock market instability by cross-correlation matrix
    Takaishi T.
  44. Scalar field cosmology via non-local integrals of motion
    Dimakis N.
  45. Testing the shape of distributions of weather data
    Pereira Baccon A.. , Lunardi J.
  46. Dyson Equation for Electromagnetic Scattering of Heterogeneous Randomly Rough Film with Nanoscale Particles: properties of the effective medium.
    Berginc G.
  47. Criteria for Analyzing the Quality Estimate shake using two impellers Different, "Rushton Turbine" and "PBT 45"
    Oliveira E.. , Maia M. , Nunhez J. , Ribeiro L.C.L.J.
  48. Modelling of the size-effect’s influence on the critical temperature of the nanoparticles’ phase transition
    Afremov L. , Petrov A.
  49. The Entropy Estimation of the Physics Course' Content on the basis of Intradisciplinary Connections’ Information Model
    Gnitetskaya T.
  50. Computation of masses and binding energies of some hadrons and bosons according to the rotating lepton model and the Newton-Einstein equation
    Vayenas C. , Fokas A. , Grigoriou D.
  51. On the formulation of Bäcklund Wahlquist-Estabrook supersymmetric transformations for the Korteweg-de Vries equation
    Sotomayor A. , Restuccia A.
  52. Classification of excessive domestic water consumption using fuzzy clustering method
    Zaidi A. , Rasmani K.
  53. Modeling of nonlinear filtering Poisson time series
    Belashova I. , Bochkarev V.
  54. Random walks induced by iterated function systems with place dependent probabilities and their pertinence to Physics: a survey
    Petritis D.
  55. Vaccination Strategies: a comparative study in an epidemic scenario
    Prates D. , Jardim C.. , Figueiredo L. , Da Silva J. , Kritz M.
    Oliveira W. , Pires M. , Canno L. , Ribeiro L.C.L.J.
  57. Study of Dispersion Coefficient Channel
    Akiyama K. , Bressan C. , Pires M. , Canno L. , Ribeiro L.C.L.J.
    Signoreti R. , Camargo R. , Canno L. , Pires M. , Ribeiro L.C.L.J.
  59. Random non-Hermitian tight-binding models
    Pato M. , Marinello G.
  60. Statistical Research for Probabilistic Model of Distortions of Remote Sensing
    Iskakova A.
  61. Stochastic method for modeling of the rarefied gas transport coefficients
    Rudyak V. , Lezhnev E.
  62. Wormholes with asymptotic Lifshitz scaling in Horava gravity
    Bellorin J. , Restuccia A. , Sotomayor A.
  63. Comparative Study of Shrinkage and Non-Shrinkage Model of Food Drying
    Shahari N.A. , Jamil N. , Rasmani K.
  64. Differentiation on spaces of triangulations and optimized triangulations.
    Magnot J.P.
  65. Concurrence of bulk and surface order reconstruction to the relaxation of frustrated nematics
    Amoddeo A.
  66. Potential of Lattice Boltzmann method to determine the ohmic resistance in porous materials
    Espinoza-Andaluz M. , Andersson M. , Sunden B.
  67. Probing new CP violating observables in D meson decays
    Kang X.
  68. A mathematical method for the turbulent behavior of crowds using agent particles
    Ohnishi T.
  69. Test baryon antibaryon oscillation in collider experiments
    Kang X.
  70. Windows of Coherence: The Environment for organic substance Generation
    Roth Y.
  71. Evaluation of connectedness between the University courses of Physics and Chemistry basing on the graph model of inter-subject links
    Gnitetskaya T. , Ivanova E.
  72. Numerical model describing optimization of fibres winding process on open and closed frame
    Petru M.
  73. On the generalization of statistical thermodynamic functions by a Riccati differential equation
    Peña Gil J.J. , Rubio Ponce A. , Morales J.
  74. Dynamics of a director reorientation and optical response of polymer films filled with a liquid crystal under strong electric field
    Pasechnik S. , Zakharov A. , Shmeliova D. , Chopic A. , Vakulenko A.
  75. The relationship between trading volumes, the number of transactions and stock volatility in GARCH model
    Takaishi T. , Chen T.T.
  76. The impact of corruption on the sustainable development of human capital
    Absalyamova S. , Absalyamov T. , Mukhametgalieva C. , Khusnullova A.
  77. Dynamics of the director reorientation in confined nematic liquid crystals imposed of a strong electric field
    Zakharov A. , Vakulenko A. , Pasechnik S.
  78. Vector potential quantization and the photon wave-particle representation
    Meis C. , Dahoo P.R.
  79. Molecular Dynamics Study of Polyethylene under Extreme Confinement
    Kritikos G. , Sgouros A. , Vogiatzis G.G.. , Theodorou D.N.
    Gerasimov R. , Eremeev V. , Petrova T. , Egorov V. , Maksimova O. , Maksimov A.
  81. The extended propagation equation of optical impulses in silica fibers
    Pchelkina Y.Z. , Alimenkov I.V.
    Petrova T. , Gerasimov R. , Maksimova O. , Maksimov A.
  83. Mathematical modeling of a non-Newtonian fluid flow in the main fracture inside permeable porous media
    Bulgakova G.
  84. Entropy, Inequality and Statistical Complexity for the Modi ed Poschl-Teller Potential in Non-Extensive Formalism
    Gemici Deveci D. , Aydiner E.
  85. A space-time geodesic approach for phase fitted variational integrators
    Kosmas O. , Vlachos D.
  86. Probing the hues of stochastic magnetization dynamics
    Nicolis S.
  87. A drift-diffusion model based on the fractional exclusion statistics
    Nemnes G.A. , Anghel D.V.
  88. Molecular dynamics of halogenated graphene - hexagonal boron nitride nanoribbons
    Nemnes G.A. , Visan C. , Anghel D.V. , Manolescu A.
  89. Network Analysis Using Spatio-temporal Patterns
    Miranda G.H. , Machicao J. , Bruno O.
  90. Study on Correlation Between Cosmic Rays Intensity and Atmosphere Humidity at Near Earth Surface
    Oskomov V. , Sedov A. , Saduyev N. , Kalikulov O. , Naurzbayeva A. , Alimgazinova N. , Kenzhina I.
  91. Numerical optimization of a RIXS spectrometer using ray-tracing simulations
    Lieutenant K. , Hofmann T. , Zendler C. , Schulz C. , Aziz E. , Habicht K.
  92. Coherence of physics and chemistry curricula in terms of the electron concept
    Ivanova E.
  93. Time Fractional Diffusion Equations and Analytical solvable models
    Bakalis E. , Zerbetto F.
  94. A model to describe potential effects of chemotherapy on critical radiobiological treatments
    Rodríguez-Pérez D. , Desco M.M. , Antoranz J.C.
  95. A generalized variational principle for Gaussian Random Fields
    Koukiou F.
  96. The generalized susceptibility of dislocation segment in nondissipative crystal
    Dezhin V. , Bataronov I.
  97. The dynamics of an edge dislocation in a ferromagnetic crystals
    Dezhin V. , Nechaev V.
  98. An exact solution of the two-state ion channel system in cell membranes in microcanonical formalism
    Erdem R. , Aydiner E.
  99. Distribution of electric fields around the vibrating edge dislocation in the ferroelectric crystal
    Dezhin V. , Nechaev V.
  100. The stochastic modeling of the short-time variations of the galactic cosmic rays
    Wawrzynczak-Szaban A. , Modzelewska-Lagodzin R.
  101. Numerical simulation of steady and unsteady flow for generalized Newtonian fluids
    Keslerova R. , Trdlicka D. , Reznicek H.
  102. Use of ELVIS II platform for random process modelling and analysis of its probability density function
    Maslennikova Y. , Nugmanov I.
  103. A computing model of ion energy distributions for dual frequencies capacitive couple discharges
    Zhou Z.W.
  104. Mathematical modeling of the instability of viscous fluid films
    Prokudina L.
  105. Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of Functionally Graded Timoshenko Beam fixed to a Rotating Hub
    Pohit G. , Panigrahi .B.K.
    Sahoo P. , Waghmare A.
    Nayak P. , Saha K.N.
  108. Some Preliminary results on an SEIADR epidemic model with vaccination, antiviral treatment controls and dead-infective culling action
    De La Sen M. , Nistal R. , Alonso-Quesada S.. , Garrido S.
  109. Rise-Time Distortion of Signal without Carrying Signal
    Bukhman N.
  110. Modeling the dynamics of the chassis of construction machines
    Sakhapov R. , Makhmutov M. , Gatiyatullin M. , Nikolaeva R.
  111. Risk management model in road transport systems
    Sakhapov R. , Makhmutov M. , Gatiyatullin M. , Nikolaeva R.
  112. Free vibration of laminated composite stiffened hyperbolic paraboloid shell panel with cutout
    Sahoo S.
  113. Evaluation of Waveform Structure Features on Time Domain Target Recognition under Cross Polarization
    Selver A. , Secmen M. , Zoral E.Y.
  114. User Aligned Histogram Stacks for Visualization of Abdominal Organs from MRI
    Özdemir M. , Akay O. , Guzelis C. , Dicle O. , Selver A.
  115. Cumulative sums for edge determination of single objects in PET and SPECT images
    Protonotarios N. , Spyrou G. , Kastis G.
  116. Fuzzy Logic Module of Convolutional Neural Network for Handwritten Digits Recognition
    Popko E. , Weinstein I.
  117. Liquid filtration properties in gravel foundation of railroad tracks
    Strelkov A. , Teplykh S. , Bukhman N.
    Jovanovic Dolecek G.
  119. Phase diagram of the antiferromagnetic Blume-Capel model on triangular lattice
    Park S. , Kwak W.
  120. Structure optimization of beta-hairpin in an off-lattice AB protein model
    Kim S.Y.
  121. Time-dependent simulation of scattering of a quantum complex with internal excitations
    Grasselli F. , Bertoni A. , Goldoni G.
  122. Dynamic mesh for TCAD modeling with ECORCE
    Michez A. , Boch J. , Touboul A. , Saigné F.
  123. A note on parallel efficiency of fire simulation on cluster
    Valasek L. , Glasa J.
  124. Towards a Realistic Description of Hadron Resonances
    Schmidt R. , Canton L. , Schweiger W. , Plessas W.
  125. A Theoretical Approach to Engineering a New Enzyme
    Anderson G. , Behera R.N. , Gomatam R.
  126. Modified Stochastic Variational Approach to Non-Hermitean Quantum Systems
    Kraft D. , Plessas W.
  127. Design of order statistics filters using feedforward neural networks
    Maslennikova Y. , Bochkarev V.
  128. Flexible star polymer chain adsorption by a flat surface: a molecular dynamics simulation
    Guenachi A. , Zenak S. , Sabeur S.A.
  129. Approximation of an M/M/s queue by the $M/M/\infty$ one using the operator method
    Bareche A. , Cherfaoui M. , Aïssani D.
  130. Path fitted variational integrators
    Vlachos D. , Mavrogianni A.
  131. Integrable hierarchies of Heisenberg ferromagnet equation
    Nugmanova G. , Azimkhanova A.
  132. Soliton solutions of the (2+1)-dimensional complex modified Korteweg-de Vries and Maxwell-Bloch equations
    Yesmakhanova K. , Shaikhova G. , Bekova G. , Myrzakulov R.
  133. Computation of charged current neutrino-Te reactions cross sections
    Tsakstara V. , Kosmas T. , Sinatkas J.

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