8th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences

August 26-29, 2019
Bratislava, Slovakia

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Proceedings contents

  1. Resolving non-homogeneous linear differential equations using undetermined coefficients and variation of parameters by means of GeoGebra
    Olivares Funes J. , Valero E.
  2. Quantum Field Theory in fractal space-time with negative dimension.
    Foukzon J.
  3. The error function in fractional differential equations
    Olivares Funes J. , Martin P. , Maass F. , Valero E.
  4. Inverse operator for a regular nonlinear dynamics
    Roth Y.
  5. Modelling meson clouds using coherent states
    Fiolhais M.
  6. Integration of electromagnetic methods of intuba-tion of stratified mediums on the basis of direct and alternating currents
    Dimitrienko Y. , Krasnov I. , Zubarev K.
  7. The soft stadium’s classical dynamics
    Espinoza-Ortiz J. , Lagos R.
  8. Modeling of Real Particles
    Liang Z.
  9. Numerical solution of the direct and inverse problem of electrical exploration using the finite element method
    Dimitrienko Y. , Zubarev K. , Krasnov I.
  10. Numerical investigation of flow-induced forces in the rods bundle
    Upnere S.
  11. Intelligent nonmodel-based fault diagnosis of electric motors using current signature analysis
    Zaher A. , Hummes D. , Hussain G.
    Chatterjee S. , Mukherjee S.
    Maghlaoui N.
  14. Gödel's incompleteness theorem and Universal physical theories
    Ben-Ya'acov U.
  15. Mesoscopic model for nano-channel confined DNA
    Zoli M.
  16. Robust stability of a class of differential systems with state after-effect dynamics
    De La Sen M.
  17. Simulation of mechanical behaviour of the proximal femur as a poroelastic solid using particles
    Smolin A. , Eremina G. , Dimaki A. , Shilko E.
  18. Modeling of the process of treatment of polluted washing water in circulating water systems
    Melekhin A.
  19. A multi-temperature kinetic Ising model and its applications to partisanship dynamics in the US Senate
    Mazilu I. , Lorson A. , Gibbs S. , Hanstedt W. , Mazilu D.
  20. Modeling directed self-assembly of nanoparticles under parallel electric fields
    Withers M. , Baker E. , Mazilu D. , Mazilu I.
  21. Computational model for the ionic self-assembly of nanoparticles under the influence of external electric fields
    Baker E. , Withers M. , Aldrich E. , Shaffrey I. , Pusztay J. , Mazilu D. , Mazilu I.
  22. A Monte Carlo study of a cooperative three-state model with adsorption and evaporation and its applications
    Mazilu D. , Withers M. , Hanstedt W. , Gibbs S. , Lorson A. , Mazilu I.
  23. About one stochastic model of coexistence of various population groups into the urban environment
    Kiselyov D. , Inovenkov I. , Nefedov V.
    Emel'yanov I. , Polyakov A. , Hodak A.
  25. Pressure - velocity projection method with mixed type approximation for Oseen discrete operator.
    Evstigneev N. , Ryabkov O.
  26. The EPR-B Paradox Resolution. Bell inequalities revisited
    Foukzon J.
  27. Quantum tunneling through two sequential barriers: A simple derivation
    Carrasco Z. , Pachacama R. , Vacacela Gomez C. , Moreta Morocho N.
  28. Investigation of a Family of Dynamic Systems with Reciprocal Polynomial Right Parts in a Poincare Circle
    Andreeva I.
  29. Mathematical model of tungsten erosion with generation of microparticles from the front wall of thermonuclear reactors
    Lazareva G.
  30. Modeling of mechanical behavior in additive manufacturing at part scale
    Chen Q. , Beauchesne E. , Arnaudeau F. , Dahoo P. , Meis C.
  31. Optimization mathematical models of the peaceful subordinating interactions of two States
    Zakharov V.
  32. Quasilinear integrodifferential Bernoulli-type equations
    Vaskevich V. , Shvab I.
  33. One way for calculating the interaction of flow with an elastic surface with nonlinear parameters
    Shvab I.
  34. Phase Transition in 2D Ising Model with Next-Neighbor Interaction
    Kryzhanovsky B. , Litinskii L.
  35. Logistic map as a Fourier series extension: numerical analysis
    Lawnik M.
  36. Theoretical Justification of Experimental Investigation of Gravity-Capillary Method for Gas-Liquid Mixtures Intake
    Ivanov M. , Resh G.
  37. Numerical analysis of Krylov multigrid methods for stationary advection-diffusion equation.
    Evstigneev N.
  38. Dendrochronology Regression Models in Aufeis Formation Analysis
    Pomortseva A. , Pomortsev O. , Rozhin S. , Trofimtsev Y.
  39. Reputation in Majority Rule Model leading to democratic states
    Forgerini F. , Oliveira L. , Rodrigues A.
  40. FDM Solution of MHD Flow in a Rectangular Duct with Slipping and Partly Insulated Partly Conducting Side walls
    Arslan S. , Tezer-Sezgin M.
  41. Numerical 3-d model experiments on global climate sensitivity to solar constant variations
    Parkhomenko V.
  42. Concept of instrumentation of digital twins of nuclear power plants units as observers for digital NPP I&C system
    Volodin V. , Tolokonskii A.
  43. Application of Structural Equation Modelling for Oil Accumulation System Control in Oleaginous yeast
    Aburatani S. , Shida Y. , Ogasawara W. , Yamazaki H. , Takaku H.
  44. Structure and properties of atomic nuclei in the theory of compressible oscillating ether
    Magnitskii N.
  45. Dynamics of various population groups in a two-dimensional spatial economy model.
    Gerasimov S. , Inovenkov I. , Nefedov V.
  46. Graph topology resulting from addition and deletion of nodes determined by random walk
    Ikeda N.
  47. Homemade computed tomography setup with FDK reconstruction software
    Kussainov A. , Saduev N.
  48. Small-angle scattering from deterministic fractals using Monte Carlo simulations
    Anitas E.
  49. Novel approach for accurate detection of contaminating human mitochondrial DNA in next-generation sequencing data
    Ishiya K. , Ueda S.
  50. Simulation of deformation in thin polymer films
    Maksimova O. , Piskunov O. , Maksimov A. , Egorov V. , Baidganov A.
  51. Structural properties of two-phases deterministic multifractals
    Marcelli G.
  52. Canonical quantization of anisotropic Bianchi I cosmology from scalar vector tensor Brans Dicke gravity
    Ghaffarnejad H.
    Jovanovic G.
    Jovanovic G. , Salguero Luna S.
  55. Mathematical modeling of skyrmion shape deformation under uniaxial stresses
    Koibuchi H. , El Hog S. , Egorov V. , Kato F. , Diep H.
  56. Yang-Mills supersymmetry and deformations of AdS5 × S5 solution with the Yang-Baxter equation
    Meirambay A. , Yerzhanov K.
  57. Finsler geometry modeling of reverse piezoelectric effect in PVDF
    Egorov V. , Maksimova O. , Koibuchi H. , Jug G. , Bernard C. , Chenal J. , Lame O. , Diguet G. , Sebald G. , Cavaille J. , Takagi T.
  58. Mathematical modeling the interaction of laser pulse with substance for the tasks of proton therapy
    Echkina E. , Guzminova N.
  59. Magnetorheological gel-based electrical device: Effects of a static and a periodic time-varying magnetic field on the electrical resistance and capacitance
    Bica I.
  60. Application of Graphs Theory to Evaluate the Chemical Reactions in Living Cells
    Aburatani S. , Kokabu Y. , Teshima R. , Ogawa T. , Araki M. , Shirai T.
  61. Application of the artificial neural network in the forecasting of the airborne contaminant
    Wawrzyńczak A. , Berendt-Marchel M.
  62. On Convergence Speed of Parallel Variants of GPBiCG Method for Solving Linear Equations
    Abe K. , Ikuno S.
  63. Computer simulation of the process of magnetic reconnection in the vector configuraion
    Echkina E. , Inovenkov I.
  64. New Central Scalar Gravitational Potential according to Special Relativity and Newtonian Physics, explains the Precession of Mercury’s Perihelion, the Gravitational Red Shift and the Rotation Curves in Galaxies, eliminating Dark Matter
    Vossos S. , Vossos E. , Massouros C.
  65. Fuzzy Dynamic Models of Situation Analysis, Decision Support, and Control in Complex Systems
    Bagdasaryan A. , Gavric D.
  66. Some elements of charge kinetics for particles and splinters in reference to the process of nuclear disintegration
    Tertychny-Dauri V.
  67. Ultra-high-speed Variable Reluctance Motor (VRM) applied on a gravimeter calibration device with magnetic suspension
    Sanchez E. , Silva D. , Junior C. , Frajuca C. , Bortoli F.
  68. Simulation of the switching in thin ferroelectric films
    Maksimov A. , Baruzdina O. , Maksimova O. , Egorov V. , Baidganov A.
  69. A Fuzzy Model for Combating Misinformation in Social Network Twitter
    Gavric D. , Bagdasaryan A.
  70. Benchmarking of Adiabatic Quantum Computation models to predict the structure of proteins
    Anaya A. , Delgado F.
  71. A Numerical Study of a Modular Sparse Grad-Div Stabilization Method for Boussinesq Equations
    Demir M. , Kaya S.
  72. Fluctuation and evolution of research topics
    Huang D.
  73. Investigation of dynamics of the IBR-2M pulsed reactor with energy-production up to 1200 MW×day
    Pepelyshev Y. , Popov A. , Sumkhuu D.
  74. Advances in the project of the gravitational signal generator device to measure the speed of gravity
    Souza M. , Coppede D. , Frajuca C. , Bortoli F. , Santos G. , Nakamoto F.
  75. Numerical solution of flow in bypass for generalized Newtonian fluids
    Keslerova R. , Reznicek H. , Padelek T.
  76. CFD results for dust concentration in ABL near vegetative barriers
    Reznicek H.
  77. Decision making tool for determining the points of innovation and technological development of the region
    Baglaeva E. , Kortov S. , Rodnin A. , Shulgin D.
    Zhassybayeva M. , Yesmakhanova K. , Myrzakulov R.
  79. Soliton surfaces induced by the coupled integrable dispersionless equation with self-consistent sources
    Shanina Z. , Myrzakulov R.
  80. Soliton surfaces associated with the WDVV equation for n = 3 case
    Zhadyranova A. , Myrzakul Z.
  81. In search of an efective Monte Carlo method for identi cation of atmospheric contamination source
    Kopka P.
  82. Neural net clustering in the study of electrical grids failures in relation to geomagnetic storms
    Siluszyk A. , Gil A. , Modzelewska R. , Moskwa S. , Siluszyk M. , Wawrzyńczak A.
  83. Soliton surfaces for complex modified Korteweg–de Vries equation
    Bauyrzhan G. , Yesmakhanova K. , Yerzhanov K. , Ybyraiymova S.
  84. Modelling an experiment to measure the speed of gravity in short distances
    Frajuca C. , Bortoli F.
  85. Reduced directional coupler through the use of artificial cells
    Letavin D. , Knyazev N.
  86. A Novel Simple Miniaturization Technique for Microstrip Couplers
    Letavin D.
  87. Properties of the network of semantic relations in the Russian language based on the RuWordNet data
    Bochkarev V. , Solovyev V.
  88. Modelling the control of the motor for a experiment to measure the gravity speed.
    Junior C. , Frajuca C. , Silva D. , Sanchez E. , Bortoli F.
  89. Analysis of the probability distribution of time series of word frequencies
    Bochkarev V. , Shevlyakova A.
  90. The linear responce function of a mixed dislocation in ferroelectrics
    Dezhin V. , Nechaev V.
  91. Distribution of ionization times in a model for strong field ionization
    Lunardi J.
  92. Synthesis of Optimal Control for Affine Nonlinear Dynamic System
    Bagdasaryan A.
  93. Hodge Ranking as a quantitative tool in social representations theory
    Pereira A.
  94. Sensivity analysis of impact ionization coefficients in a electronic device
    Aya Baquero H.
  95. Econometric assessment of the world energy market impact on the incomes of the consolidated budget of Russia
    Absalyamova S. , Zulfakarova L. , Ivanova N. , Mukhametgalieva C.
  96. Particle-based modeling of the mechanical behavior of porous fluid-saturated viscoelastic solids
    Shilko E. , Dimaki A. , Popov V.
  97. Modeling the process of wheel drive slipping with anti-skid devices
    Sakhapov R. , Gatiyatullin M. , Nikolaeva R. , Makhmutov M.
  98. Eu-induced lattice vibrations in Gd2O3 crystals
    Kislov A. , Zatsepin A.
  99. Application the random matrix theory to vibrational properties of amorphous solids
    Conyuh D. , Beltukov Y.
  100. Evaluating the connectivity, continuity and distance norm in mathematical models for community ecology, epidemiology and multicellular pathway prediction.
    Allaerts W.
  101. Probabilistic estimate of indoor radon distribution in Abruzzo (central Italy)
    Pasculli A. , Rizzo F. , Zazzini P.
  102. Numerical modeling of Liesegang structures formation process under an electric field influence
    Kireev V. , Shalabayeva B. , Jaichibekov N. , Nizamova A. , Kozhabay Z.
  103. Mathematical model of the motion of suspended particles in a turbulent flow and their influence on the motion of an unmanned aerial vehicle
    Shalabayeva B. , Jaichibekov N. , Kutpanova Z. , Toleu A.
  104. Shortcuts to adiabaticity for a qubit using detuning control
    Stefanatos D. , Iliopoulos N. , Karanikolas V. , Paspalakis E.
  105. Development of the formalism of the discrete element method for the study of the mechanical behavior of liquid-saturated porous materials on a pore scale
    Shilko E. , Grigoriev A. , Lotkov A.
  106. The differential-q-difference 2D Toda equation: bilinear form and soliton solutions
    Kutum B. , Yesmakhanova K. , Shaikhova G.
  107. Simulation of disruptions triggered by Vertical Displacement Events (VDE) in tokamak and potential leading edge effect in plasma energy deposition to in-vessel material surfaces
    Atanasiu C. , Zakharov L. , Li X.
  108. MATHEMATICAL EVALUATION OF MANAGING THE INVESTMENT ACTIVITY (The Example of Food Industry In The Republic Of Tatarstan)
    Vakhitova T. , Gadelshina L. , Zulfakarova L. , Garifova L. , Mokichev S.
  109. Entropy production rate of diffusivity fluctuations under diffusing diffusivity equation
    Itto Y.
  110. Unifying approach to score based statistical inference in physical sciences
    Kůs V. , Finger R.
  111. A Case Study of Closed Universe that Fits the Cosmological Data of Supernovae of Type Ia
    Ben Adda F.
  112. Geneva Mechanism Geometric Resolution
    Martinez E.
  113. Advanced methods of low cost mission design for the Galilean moons exploration
    Grushevskii A.
  114. Micromagnetic simulation of thickness-dependent magnetization reversal processes in elongated iron nanodots
    Sudsom D. , Döpke C. , Blachowicz T. , Ehrmann A.
  115. Development of cognitive competences in physics in students of Health Sciences and Biology
    González J. , Escobar J. , García L.
    González J. , Sánchez H. , Martínez L.
  117. Robots in nursing education: a bibliometric analysis
    Romero A. , Martínez L. , González J.
    Romero A. , Valderrama D. , González J.
    Bibicu D. , Moldovanu S. , Luminita M.
  120. Study of the fundamental interactions in the bounded states of the systems: Earth-Moon, Proton - Electron (hydrogen atom), positronium (process e- e+→e- e+), and quarkonium, ( QQ)
    Beltrán J. , Escobar J. , González J.
  121. Modeling and research of influence of the external magnetic field on processes in a metal melt, received in the heavy current arc furnace
    Dokukin M.
  122. Scientometric Study of Superconductivity Research in South America from 1980 to 2019
    De La Hoz J. , Beltrán J. , González J.
  123. Inverse problems of restoring the geometric dimensions of a construction defects by thermal fields analysis
    Salnikova A.
  124. Poincare decomposition theorems and the Lomov regularization method
    Kachalov V.
  125. Generating efficient basis sets for unbounded domains
    Mumtaz F. , Alharbi F.
  126. Deformation and Smoothing of Cusp Singularities
    Mumtaz F. , Alharbi F.
  127. Boss Tower and Baseplate Flange Optimization
    Bamrungwong J.
  128. Modeling of stress state of a perforated cement sheath in a production well
    Kireev T. , Bulgakova G.
  129. Differences in the properties of fused silica and silicon dioxide films: results of the atomistic simulation
    Grigoriev F. , Sulimov V. , Tikhonravov A.
  130. Simulation of motion of satellites after fixing the values of their accelerations
    Mazitov K. , Yushkov M.
  131. Exponential variational integrators for the dynamics of multibody systems with holonomic constraints
    Kosmas O.
  132. Numerical and statistical modeling based investigation of the detection efficiency of high-spectral-resolution lidars at different laser radiation wavelengths
    Evgenieva T. , Anguelov V. , Gurdev L.
  133. Soliton surfaces associated with the (1+1)-dimensional Yajima-Oikawa equation
    Umbetova Z. , Yesmakhanova K. , Myrzakul T.
  134. Eight-vertex model over Grassmann algebra
    Kassenova T. , Tsyba P. , Razina O.
  135. Data Encryption Based on Exponential Numbers
    Chang H.
  136. Reduction of inhomogeneous boundary conditions to homogeneous in partial differential equations
    Oblakova T.
  137. On Convergence of Difference Approximations to Problems of Optimal Control in the Coefficients of Elliptic Equations with Mixed Derivatives and Unbounded Non-Linearity
    Manapova A.
  138. Software Environment for Computer-Aided Heuristic Optimization of Hydraulic Systems for Synchronous Movement of Actuators of Various Functional Purposes
    Bushuev A. , Ivanov M. , Korotaev D. , Resh G.
  139. Model of the polarization extinction ratio change due to multiple reflection of laser radiation from the faces of the terbium-gallium garnet crystal in Faraday rotator
    Seleznev A. , Kogut E. , Shaidullin R. , Ryabushkin O. , Ivanov G.
  140. Fractal Interpolation and Integration over Two-Dimensional Triangular Meshes
    Sarı Z. , Kalender G. , Günel S.
  141. A self-consistent model of second harmonic generation of laser radiation in periodically poled nonlinear-optical crystal conditioned by its nonuniform heating
    Ivanov G. , Kogut E. , Konyashkin A. , Ryabushkin O.
  142. Quantitative analysis of lexical complexity in contemporary Russian novels
    Maslennikova Y. , Abramov A.
  143. Replacement of Numerical Simulations with Machine Learning in the Inverse Problem of Two-Phase Flow in Porous Medium
    Goncharova Y. , Indrupskiy I.
  144. CFD-based fire spread visualization for improvement of road tunnel safety
    Glasa J. , Valasek L. , Weisenpacher P.
  145. Study of Geologically-Consistent History Matching Peculiarities by Means of Gradient-Free Optimization Methods
    Shiryaev I. , Zakirov E. , Indrupskiy I.
  146. Equivalent temperature concept in laser physics and its correspondence with thermodynamic temperature
    Aloian G. , Mukhankov D. , Kovalenko N. , Ryabushkin O.
  147. Optical properties of biological tissues evaluation with a hybrid goniometer and integrating-sphere technique and Monte Carlo mathematical modelling
    Kovalenko N. , Aloian G. , Mukhankov D. , Ryabushkin O.
  148. Numerical Simulation of Non-Equilibrium Isochoric Phase Transitions in Hydrocarbon Mixtures
    Aglyamova A. , Indrupskiy I.
  149. A two-stage opinion formation model based on an extended XY-magnet interaction and socio-dynamic update mechanisms.
    Prenga D.
  150. Case study in which the Deutsch-Jozsa algorithm responds with pure states
    Marinho E.
  151. On the hamiltonian formulation of an octonionic integrable extension for the Korteweg-de Vries equation
    Fernandez M. , Restuccia A. , Sotomayor A.
  152. Pole representation of the dislocation segment generalized susceptibility diagonal matrix elements
    Bataronov I. , Dezhin V.
  153. Model for assessing the influence of factors on a country's competitiveness in the global economy
    Galeeva G. , Zagladina E. , Kadeea E. , Kadeeva Z.
  154. Modeling the process of attracting foreign investment in the Russian economy
    Galeeva G.
  155. The SAPBC method on local, non-cluster updates algorithms of Monte Carlo simulation: A study on more convergence of spin correlation at the critical temperature
    Najafi A.
  156. Remarkable effects of dirty limit on superconducting condensate
    González J. , Durán F. , González J.
  157. Virtual laboratories of electromagnetism for education in engineering: A perception
    González J. , De La Hoz J. , García L. , Beltrán J. , Escobar J.
    González J. , Martínez L. , Sánchez H.
  159. Investigation of Power Networks and their Patterns by Mathematical methods in order to Voltage Stability Enhancement
    Moghimi S. , Bostani A. , Elahimanesh A.
  160. Mathematical and computer modeling of the nonlinear dynamics of particle beams in cyclic accelerators
    Krushinevskii E. , Andrianov S.
  161. On the two-component generalization of the (2+1)-dimensional Davey-Stewartson I equation
    Serikbayev N. , Nugmanova G. , Myrzakulov R.
  162. A discrete Nambu bracket for 2D extended Magnetohydrodynamics
    Kaltsas D. , Kraus M. , Throumoulopoulos G.
  163. Generalized susceptibility of a screw dislocation in ferroelastics near structural phase transition
    Dezhin V. , Nechaev V.
  164. Scenario of the evolution of the universe with equation of state of the Weierstrass type gas
    Tsyba P. , Barkova Z. , Bekov S. , Razina O. , Myrzakulov R.
  165. Cosmological solutions of F(R,T) gravity model with k-essence
    Yerzhanov K. , Meirbekov B. , Bauyrzhan G. , Myrzakulov R.
  166. Cosmological Yang-Mills model with k-essence
    Razina O. , Tsyba P. , Myrzakulov R. , Meirbekov B. , Shanina Z.
  167. Cosmological model of F(T) gravity with fermion fields via Noether symmetry
    Myrzakulov N. , Bekov S. , Myrzakulova S. , Myrzakulov R.
  168. Traveling wave solutions for the (3+1)-dimensional Davey-Stewartson equations
    Serikbayev N. , Shaikhova G. , Yesmakhanova K. , Myrzakulov R.
  169. Cosmology of f-essence with inhomogeneous viscous fluid
    Myrzakul S. , Arzimbetova M. , Imankul M. , Myrzakulov R.
  170. Flood estimation for Zhabay River Basin in Akmola region
    Rakhimzhanov B. , Murat A. , Shaikhova G.
  171. Geometric characteristics for Camassa-Holm equation
    Mussatayeva A. , Myrzakulov N. , Altaibayeva A.
  172. Non-Euclidean Geometries and Arts in the beginning of the 20th century: An interdisciplinary Approach for High School students
    Mavrogianni A. , Kokorelis G.
  173. Analyzing museum exhibition spaces via visitor movement and exploration: The case of Whitworth Art Gallery of Manchester
    Liakou M. , Kosmas O.