9th International Conference on Mathematical Modeling in Physical Sciences

September 7-10, 2020
Tinos island, Greece


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Proceedings contents

  1. Exploring the exact differential equations with GeoGebra software
    Olivares Funes J. , Valero E.
  2. Novel explanation of the Active Galactic Nuclei.The Power Source of Quasars as a result of vacuum polarization by the gravitational singularities on BHs horizon.
    Foukzon J.
  3. The modified bessel functions I_3 / 4 (x) and I_-3/4 (x) in certain fractional differential equations
    Olivares Funes J. , Martin P. , Valero E.
  4. Anisotropy of glancing angle deposited films: results of atomistic simulation
    Grigoriev F. , Vladimir S. , Tikhonravov A.
  5. First-order linear partial differential equations using the GeoGebra and GeoGebra 3D graphical calculator
    Olivares Funes J. , Martin P. , Valero E.
  6. Multi-criteria optimization of wind power plant parameters
    Melekhin A.
  7. Finite Elements and Finite Differences in some differential equations of second linear order with GeoGebra
    Olivares Funes J. , Valero E.
  8. On instability of three-dimensional dynamic equilibrium states of self-gravitating Vlasov-Poisson gas
    Gubarev Y. , Sun S.
  9. Quantum Implementation for Comparing Sets of Data
    Roth Y.
  10. The open unsymmetrical stadium billiard
    Espinoza-Ortiz J. , Lagos-Monaco R.
  11. Simulator development of a rotary magneto-caloric refrigerator by stepwise regenerator modeling approach
    Tedesco J. , T. Câmara L.
  12. An invisible DWT watermarking algorithm using noise removal with application to dermoscopic images
    Moldovanu S. , Anișoara M. , Moraru L.
  13. To the optimized approach to get the fundamental property of the gravity assists maneuvers from the Jacobi integral
    Grushevskii A.
  14. Several Classes of Plain Dynamic Systems Qualitative Investigation
    Andreeva I.
  15. Simple math model for calculation about possibility to disclose Stealth
    Denisov O.
  16. General mathematical model for energetic and informatic evaluated over natively producing surrounded systems
    Zakharov V.
  17. Geesthacht Coupled Coastal Model System (GCOAST)
    Staneva J.
  18. Multi-physics simulation of shedding of in-flight ice
    Rausa A. , Guardone A.
  19. Modeling the influence of the Earth rotation axis position on the global climate variations
    Parkhomenko V.
  20. On dark stars, galactic rotation curves and fast radio bursts
    Nikitin I.
  21. Mathematical modeling and visualization of topologically non-trivial solutions in general relativity
    Nikitin I.
  22. Predicting entanglement and coherent times in FMO complex using the HEOM method
    Delgado F. , Anaya-Morales A. , Gonzalez-Soria B.
  23. Performance of two redundant quantum channels for single qubits under indefinite causal order
    Delgado F. , Cardoso-Isidoro C.
  24. Visual reasoning and the perception of forms
    Vesely S. , Vesely A. , Dolci C. , Dolci S.
  25. Optimal control and stability analysis of nonlinear control-affine systems
    Bagdasaryan A.
  26. Bifurcation diagram of stationary solutions of the 2D Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation in periodic domains
    Evstigneev N. , Ryabkov O.
  27. Disconnected stationary solutions for 2D Kolmogorov flow problem in periodic domain
    Evstigneev N.
  28. Remastering the imperfect home-made CT projections data for further reconstruction
    Kussainov A. , Saduev N.
  29. Gravitation in the theory of compressible oscillating ether
    Magnitskii N.
  30. Space-time chaos in the nonlinear Schrödinger equation
    Magnitskii N.
  31. Explanation of Light Deflection, Precession of Mercury’s Perihelion, Gravitational Red Shift and Rotation Curves in Galaxies, by using General Relativity or equivalent Generalized Scalar Gravitational Potential, according to Special Relativity and Newtonian Physics
    Vossos S. , Vossos E. , Massouros C.
  32. Fatigue tests simulation of materials with a random endurance limit
    Pervadchuk V. , Davydov A.
  33. Modeling a broadband detector for an experiment that measures the speed of gravity over short distances
    Frajuca C. , Bortoli F. , Magalhaes N. , Da Silva Junior W. , Souza R.
  34. Spatiotemporal localizations of light in quadratically nonlinear media with transversal inhomogeneity
    Chuprikov I. , Kalinovich A. , Komissarova M. , Sazonov S. , Zakharova I.
    Fabricio Junior C. , Sanchez E. , Frajuca C. , Bortoli F. , Magalhaes N. , Da Silva Junior W. , Souza R.
  36. Modeling a calibrator for laser interferometer gravitational wave detectors
    Frajuca C. , Bortoli F. , Prado A. , Magalhaes N. , Da Silva Junior W. , Souza R.
  37. Using Particle Swarm Optimization for design comb compensator with magnitude response synthetized as sine function
    Salguero S. , Jovanovic Dolecek G. , Fernandez De Lara Sosa A.
  38. Obtaining the predicted number of cycles of femoral prosthesis manufactured with ASTM F138 and ASTM F75 aloys, applying the method of finite element
    Da Silva Junior W. , De Souza C. , Bortoli F. , Frajuca C. , Souza R.
  39. Influence of clustering round magnetic nano-dots on magnetization reversal
    Blachowicz T. , Ehrmann A.
  40. New open computational resource for plasma processes modelling
    Zhilkin A. , Sychugov D. , Vysotsky L. , Zotov I. , Soloviev S. , Sadykov A.
  41. Design of Comb-Based Decimation Filter with Low Power Consumption, Increased Alias Rejection and Decreased Passband Droop
    Fernandez De Lara Sosa A. , Jovanovic Dolecek G. , Salguero Luna S.
    Koichubekov B. , Kharin A. , Sorokina M. , Korshukov I. , Omarkulov B. , Ukubayev T.
  43. Intelligent distributed module for local control of lighting and electrical outlets in a home
    Andramuño J. , Mendoza E. , Nuñez J.
  44. Modeling militantism and partisanship spreading in the chain and square lattice opinion structures by using q-XY opinion model
    Prenga D. , Kushta E. , Ifti M.
  45. Deliberative architecture for smart sensors in the filtering operation of a water purification plant.
    Mendoza E. , Andramuño J. , Benitez I. , Nuñez J.
  46. Magnetic winding – a key to unlocking topological complexity in flux emergence
    Mactaggart D.
  47. Alog periodic approach in analyzing local critical behavior for Covid -19 spread in Albania
    Kushta E. , Prenga D.
  48. Time Dependent Stabilization of a Hamiltonian System
    Yahalom A. , Puzanov N.
  49. Finsler geometry modeling of anisotropic diffusion in Turing patterns
    Koibuchi H. , Okumura M. , Noro S.
  50. Finsler geometry modeling of complex fluids: reduction in viscous resistance
    Okumura M. , Homma I. , Noro S. , Koibuchi H.
  51. Langevin simulations of protoplasmic streaming in non-Euclidean geometry
    Noro S. , Okumura M. , Hongo S. , Nagahiro S. , Ikai H. , Nakayama M. , Koibuchi H.
  52. Modeling shape and volume transitions in liquid crystal elastomers
    Egorov V. , Maksimova O. , Okumura M. , Noro S. , Koibuchi H.
  53. Numerical analysis of a vibro-impact system with ideal and non-ideal excitation
    Hajradinovic D. , Zukovic M. , Kovacic I.
  54. Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Polyethylene Bilayers
    Romanos N. , Megariotis G. , Theodorou D.
  55. Multiphysic Simulation of molten pool transients for electron beam welding and additive manufacturing processes investigation
    Shcherbakov A. , Gaponova D. , Sliva A. , Rodyakina R. , Goncharov A. , Gudenko A. , Kostin V. , Dragunov V.
  56. Optimal robot control
    Lounis A.
  57. Topological climate change with permafrost feedback
    Langford W. , Willms A. , Kypke K. , Nethercott N.
  58. Multi-fidelity sparse polynomial chaos expansion based on Gaussian process regression and least angle regression
    Xiao D. , Ferlauto M. , Song L. , Li J.
  59. The influence of the load’s geometrical characteristics on the generation of the electro-thermo-mechanical instability in a single wire Z-pinch
    Kaselouris E. , Tamiolakis G. , Dimitriou V. , Tatarakis M.
  60. On regular and irregular movement of cylinder colliding with a moving belt
    Lampart M.
  61. Computer simulation in proton therapy
    Echkina E. , Guzminova N.
  62. The influence of isoenergy surface anisotropy and surface scattering kinetics on the conductivity of a thin metal layer
    Savenko O. , Romanov D. , Kuznetsova I.
  63. Numerical Modelling of the Draft Rate in a Mechanically Ventilated Climatic Chamber
    Angelova R. , Mijorski S. , Markov D. , Stankov P. , Velichkova R. , Simova I.
  64. Twist effects on quantum vortex defects
    Foresti M.
  65. Reliability-centered maintenance and cost optimization for offshore oil and gas components
    Hanish Nithin A. , Sriramula S. , Ebinum T.
  66. Model of the spectral dependence of changes in the polarization state of laser radiation in magneto-optical crystal in the presence of multiple reflections from its faces
    Seleznev A. , Rodionov D. , Kovalenko N. , Shaidullin R. , Ryabushkin O.
  67. Einstein field equations for Bose-Einstein condensates in cosmology
    Roitberg A.
  68. Modeling the integrity of course learning using percolation through intra-subject relations
    Gnitetskaya T. , Tsoy A.
  69. Mathematical model of electrical conductivity of biological tissues based on ion electrodiffusion equations
    Kovalenko N. , Sovin K. , Shamankov N. , Seleznev A. , Ryabushkin O.
  70. Movement characteristics of a non-smooth model with a closed curve equilibrium
    Buchlovská Nagyová J.
  71. Predicting the Behaviour of a Vortex Shedding-Based Passive Mechanical Micro Heat Exchanger
    Granados-Ortiz F. , Garcia-Cardosa M. , Ortega-Casanova J.
  72. Dimension reduction of preference profile for aggregation of energy audit data
    Muravyov S. , Borisova M.
  73. Estimation of Parameters for Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions During the Flow of Oil and Gas Mixtures
    Indrupskiy I. , Cherneva N.
  74. Estimation of Uncertainty of a Volumetric Reservoir Model and Optimization of Numerical Inversion in Well Log Data Interpretation
    Khismatullina E. , Indrupskiy I. , Kovalenko K. , Samokhvalov N.
  75. Modelling preferential flow through unsaturated porous media with an extended Richards Equation to capture hysteresis and relaxation behaviour
    Roche W. , Murphy K. , Flynn D.
  76. Simulation of Time-Lapse Resistivity Logging During Two-Phase Well Testing in Petroleum Reservoirs
    Shishkina O. , Indrupskiy I. , Kovalenko K. , Makarova A. , Zakirov E. , Anikeev D. , Anikeeva E.
  77. Design of miniature directional coupler with wide bandwidth
    Letavin D.
  78. A compact 3-dB coupler with microstrip cells
    Letavin D. , Terebov I.
  79. A compact 3-dB coupler with stubs
    Letavin D.
  80. About Identifiability of Oil and Water Relative Permeability Curves and Reservoir Heterogeneity through Integrated Well Test Study
    Zakirov E. , Anikeev D. , Indrupskiy I. , Tsagan-Mandzhiev T. , Alekseeva Y.
  81. Investigation of domain structure in ferroelectric thin films using the Ising model
    Menshikov E. , Maksimova O. , Osipov S.
    Ferreira M.
  83. Light-front approach to relativistic electrodynamics
    Fiore G.
  84. Mathematical modeling the process of wire surfacing by the smoothed particle hydrodynamics method
    Davlyatshin R. , Gerasimov R. , Bayandin Y. , Permyakov G. , Trushnikov D.
  85. On the Estimation of Some Relevant Parameters in the COVID-19 Pandemic
    De La Sen M. , Garrido A. , Ibeas A.
  86. Calculation of a confidence interval of semantic distance estimates obtained using a large diachronic corpus
    Bochkarev V. , Shevlyakova A.
    Saprykin E. , Chernenko A.
  88. "Monte Carlo Entropic sampling algorithm applied to 3D spin crossover nanoparticles: role of the environment on the thermal hysteresis"
    Linares J. , Cazelles C. , Gaci S. , Dahoo P. , Boukheddaden K.
  89. Exact Solution for an Elastic Square Plate Loaded with Tangential Stresses
    Menshova I. , Kerzhaev A. , Yu G. , Zeng X.
  90. Thermal stresses in an elastic clamped square: Exact solution
    Kerzhaev A.
  91. Modeling of mover with anti-skid devices
    Sakhapov R. , Makhmutov M. , Gatiyatullin M. , Nikolaeva R.
  92. Sharing economy as a part of the sustainable development concept
    Absalyamov T. , Absalyamova S. , Mukhametgalieva C. , Sakhapov R.
  93. "Local mean field approximation applied to a 3D spin crossover nanoparticles configuration: free energy analysis of the relative stability of the stationary states “
    Cazelles C. , Singh Y. , Linares J. , Dahoo P. , Boukheddaden K.
  94. Numerical simulations of gaseous flames in combustion chamber applications
    Katona C. , Safta C. , Frunzulica F. , Goemans M.
  95. On the Connection Between Deutsch-Jozsa Algorithm and Bent Functions
    Marinho E.
  96. A mathematical model for the description of the electrical conductivity of graphene/polymer nanocomposites
    Öz Y.
  97. The reachable regions construction for the inelastic anisotropic billiards
    Grushevskii A.
  98. Space-time breather solution in nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations
    Takei Y. , Iwata Y.
  99. Simulation of Pressure Build-Up in Oil Wells with Non-Equilibrium Gas Dissolution
    Indrupskiy I. , Basova K. , Tsagan-Mandzhiev T.
  100. A Comparison of Numerical Solvers for The Delay Eigenvalue Problem of Coupled Oscillators
    S. Abdelrahman A. , Al-Qahtani H. , Alharbi F.
  101. A mathematical model for calculation of the influence of ferromagnetic components in Vertical Displacement Events and stability simulations of tokamak plasmas
    Atanasiu C.
  102. Theoretical and experimental investigation of spatial temperature distribution in active fiber under conditions of laser radiation generation
    Kostrov A. , Kovalenko N. , Shaidullin R. , Ryabushkin O.
  103. Elasticity index evaluation based on Le Cam divergence and kernel density estimator in PM space
    Kus V. , Dolejš E.
  104. Application of Convolutional Neural Networks in Neutrino Physics
    Novotný A. , Franc J.
  105. Simulation of magnetic particle capture in the breast
    Camargo Casallas L. , Pacheco Fandiño J. , Rodriguez Patarroyo D.
  106. Frequency response of a microcantilever inmersed in fluid
    Quiñones M. , Camargo Casallas L. , Aya Baquero H.
  107. On some fullerenes with Cubic symmetry
    Sanchez Bernabe F.
  108. Quasi-singular methods for determining the limiting properties of the spacecraft entry trajectories into the planet's atmosphere
    Grushevskii A.
  109. Problems of attracting foreign direct investment into the regional economy
    Galeeva G.
  110. Development of the sharing economy in Russia
    Galeeva G.
  111. Biophysical parameters affecting lung surfactant function, surface tension and the transition from aerosol to droplet exhalation (in relation to COVID-19 infection)
    Allaerts W.
  112. Expected Performance of a Mobile e-nose platform for Real Time Victim Localization
    Blionas S.
  113. Wind and Temperature Effect on the Performance of a Mobile e-nose platform for Real Time Victim Localization
    Blionas S.
  114. Divergence decision tree classification with Kolmogorov kernel smoothing in high energy physics
    Kus V. , Jaruskova K.
  115. Optimal spacecraft asymptotic velocity for the high inclined orbits formation using gravity assists in the planetary systems
    Grushevskii A.
  116. Effect of temperature on the energy gap in a superconductivity model using $U$-centers.
    Apushkinskaya D. , Apushkinskiy E. , Popov B. , Saveliev V. , Sobolevskiy V. , Krukovskaya L.
  117. A refined version of the inverse decomposition theorem for modular multiplicative inverse operators
    A. Cortés Vega L.
  118. Recent scaling properties of Bitcoin price returns
    Takaishi T.
  119. Deformations of the Heisenberg Lie algebra
    Alvarez M.
  120. Stochastic thermostats and temperature expressions
    Samoletov A. , Vasiev B.
  121. On Abrupt Changes of the Approximate and Sample Entropy Values in Supercomputer Power Consumption
    Tomčala J.
  122. How many shades of grey? On the proximity of density functional approximation to ab initio method via calculations of electric multipole moments
    Xenides D.
  123. Application of induction heating in the FDM/FFF 3D manufacturing
    Oskolkov A. , Trushnikov D. , Bezukladnikov I.
  124. Motions of the human cardiac cell electrophysiology model
    Halfar R.
  125. Optimizing thermo-mechanical processing and material coupling parameters in numerical modeling for additive manufacturing
    Lamanna A. , Beauchesne E. , Dahoo P. , Meis C.
  126. Structural characteristics of gluconolactone/gluconic acid aqueous solution used for biofuel cell by molecular dynamics
    Matsunaga S.
  127. Differential operators and the symmetric groups
    Nonkane I.
  128. A novel general decomposition theorem for modular multiplicative inverse operators
    A. Cortés Vega L.
  129. Fluid flow structures in an evaporating sessile droplet depending on the droplet size and properties of liquid and substrate
    Turchaninova M. , Melnikova E. , Gavrilina A. , Barash L.
  130. Mathematical modeling of elastic wave radiation during infinite screw dislocation bending vibrations
    Dezhin V.
  131. Mathematical modeling of elastic waves radiation during screw dislocation segment oscillations
    Dezhin V.
  132. CNN with residual learning extensions in neutrino high energy physics
    Kubu M. , Bour P.
  133. Modelling the optical control of electron spin dynamics in a quantum dot near a WS$_2$ layer
    Stefanatos D. , Karanikolas V. , Paspalakis E.
  134. Computation of the masses of neutrinos from the Hadron and Boson masses via the Rotating Lepton model of elementary particles
    Vayenas C.
  135. Analysis and modeling of Fano resonances in coupled cantilevers
    Aya Baquero H.
  136. $f(T)$ gravity with scalar field viscous fluid
    Myrzakul S.
  137. Teleparallel gravity with non-minimally coupled f-essence via Noether symmetry approach
    Myrzakulov K. , Kenzhalin D. , Myrzakulov N.
  138. Inflation model with viscous fluid
    Myrzakul S. , Tsyba P. , Razina O. , Myrzakulov Y.
  139. On obtaining scientific insight from machine-learnt models
    Dybowski R.
  140. High energy neutrino and gamma-ray emissions from the jets of M33 X-7 microquasar
    Papadopoulos D. , Papavasileiou T. , Kosmas T.
  141. Astrophysical magnetohydrodynamical outflows in the extragalactic binary system LMC X-1
    Papavasileiou T. , Papadopoulos D. , Kosmas T.
  142. On the stability of exponential variational integrators for multibody systems with holonomic constraints
    Kosmas O.
  143. Exploiting Dirac equations solution for exact integral calculations in processes of muonic atoms
    Giannaka P. , Kosmas O. , Tsoulos I. , Kosmas T.