Virtual presentations

For those unable to attend the Conference in person, virtual participation is also available. Virtual Papers give an author the possibility to take advantage of the networking opportunities of an International Conference, without physically attend the Conference. This is achieved by presenting his or her work in the Conference audience by uploading a presentation at the Virtual Room of the Conference Website.

How it works?

The Conference participants can enter the Virtual Room, see a presentation and post questions, remarks and comments at the author of the paper. Each time a participant post a comment or a question, the author of the paper automatically is notified and can answer this question.

On the other hand, the participants can select to “follow” a virtual paper which means that each time something is posted relevant to this paper, the participant is notified. In this way, a discussion forum is build around a Virtual Paper. Moreover, Virtual Papers also give the same publication opportunities as normal papers since they appear in the Conference Proceedings Volume as regular contributions.

What must be uploaded?

A video with the recorded presentation is the best choice. Although, a simple pdf file with the presentation slides is acceptable, it is strongly suggested to create a video with the presentation since only those video-presentations will be played at special sessions in the Conference site.

How to record my presentation?

There are several free and commercial tools to record you computer screen with the input from microphone and web camera. Both Windows 10 and MacOS operating systems have build-in utilities for screen recording.

What is the maximum duration and size of the video?

The maximum duration is 15 minutes and the maximum size is 300 MB.

How can i upload my video?

Once your paper has been accepted, you can upload your video to one of the free available large-file transfer websites (like Then, you must email the video link at the Conference secretariat email address ( and we will upload your video to the virtual room.